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According to Consumer Health Reports, the suggested choice for hearing aid fitting is a medical office headed by an otolaryngologist (an ear, nose, and throat physician) who employs an audiologist to fit and dispense hearing aids. Unfortunately, the vast majority of hearing aids are sold by people who have very little training and education in the science of hearing.

Most national franchise stores do not train their dispensers in any way close to the four-year post-graduate degrees obtained by doctors of audiology like those at Physician Hearing Center. With a team of medical doctors working side by side with Physicians Hearing Center’s audiologists, the practice offers stability and a solid commitment to the patient’s hearing health.



SOUND CARE – From the area's only Physician-Based Audiology Team.

There is a difference. Physicians Hearing Center provides an unmatched level of care and guidance for patients. From the initial hearing evaluation, to diagnosis. to the selection of the most appropriate hearing aid, each and every step is focused on improving the patient’s quality of life through better hearing.
If you or a loved one thinks hearing loss might be a concern, trust your care to the medical professionals at  Physicians Hearing Center.

Does Waco Ear, Nose & Throat dispense hearing aids?

Yes. We dispense hearing aids through the  Physicians Hearing Center. We offer a broad range of brands and levels of hearing aids, and are committed to helping you transition to their use in the smoothest and most stress-free way possible.

We specialize in:
• Hearing Devices
• Assisted Listening Devices
• Custom Ear Molds
• Hearing Protection

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Physicians Hearing Center offers comprehensive assessment as well as the latest, most sophisticated hearing technology available.

Waco ENT and PHC is prepared to treat all of your otolaryngology needs, as well as providing audiology and speech pathology services.


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